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A Cloud Expert Dr.Octos

  • In a simple definition, it is a suite of integrated software tools that businesses can use to monitor and control their cloud computing resources.

    • Cloud management & IT management for cloud environment

      Cloud management is the centralized management of the “cloud,” which is corporate infrastructure such as servers, applications (software), data storage, and network platforms, via the Internet. IT management for cloud environments can include all types of business activities, including resource deployment, data integration, usage tracking, and disaster recovery.

    • Cloud management platform

      It helps enterprises make better use of their infrastructure, especially heterogeneous infrastructure, for multiple purposes including enterprise workload management and orchestration, delegated administration and hybrid deployments. And it supports enterprise cloud computing so users get the simplicity of public cloud, and IT teams control operations and risks.

    • Cloud management platform adoption effect

      Adopting CMP can help improve IT services and solve complex business challenges across the enterprise. And, it helps businesses accelerate service delivery, manage and control the security of various IT assets while improving overall system efficiency and strengthening communication between business units. Best of all, CMP offers significant advantages as it allows you to manage the complexity of virtual solutions and applications while maintaining control over your IT environment and reducing overall IT costs.