Introducing Cloudforet Project

Main Features

1. Multi-Cloud Management

  • IaaS Infra-integration: Auto-discovery and sorting infrastructure information scattered across various platforms
  • Resource Search: Quick search over resources reflected on relevance
  • Resource Monitoring: Instant connection to resource's status connected to infrastructure

2. Cloud Orchestration

  • Infrastructure as Code: Code-based infrastructure configuration management

  • Remote Command: Batch command execution over multiple remote servers

  • Application Catalog: Supports easy installation on applications such as Database and Middleware

3. Infra. Analysis

  • Security Compliance: Auto-detection and analysis on Cloud security vulnerabilities
  • Cost Optimization: Detection over unused resources and analyzing overinvested infrastructure
  • Capacity Planning: Infrastructure usage statistics and expansion plan establishment

Cloudforet Universe

Our feature is expanding all areas to build a Cloudforet universe to fulfill requirements for cloud operation/management based on the inventory data, automation, analysis, and many more for Multi Clouds. SpaceONE Universe