Design and manage a hierarchical structure according to the size and structure of your organization, where you can systematically manage the collected cloud resources.

Create a Project group and a Project on the project page of Cloudforet, and invite your member.


Project group

Project group is a concept for grouping and managing multiple Projects.

Both projects and project groups can belong to the subproject group, and you can design and manage a project hierarchy that suits the size and structure of your organization through this tree-shaped structure of hierarchies.


Project is a grouping unit for managing resources.

A project must belong to a specific Project group, and there can be no more hierarchies below the project.

Invite a Member to the project and assign a Role that differentiates their access privilege to project resources.


Invite Members to a Project and a Project group, and assign a Role to them.

Members are always assigned at least one role for each, which allows them to manage access to the project and project group.