Access settings (API & CLI)

You can generate an API key, an authentication key to connect to SpaceOne, and use it to develop programs or control Cloudforet with commands through CLI.

API key is required to use the command line tool Spacectl provided by Cloudforet.

Generating an API key

(1) Click the [Generate API key] button on the [My page > Access settings (API & CLI)] page to generate an API key immediately.


(2) Click the [More] button to view and download the JSON formatted API key and YAML formatted Spacectl configuration file.


Enabling/disabling an API Key

The issued API key can be deleted or enabled/disabled.

(1) Select the [Enable] or [Disable] menu from the [Action] dropdown.


(2) When the modal dialog opens, click the [OK] button.

apikey-enable-02 apikey-enable-03

Delete API key

(1) Select the [Delete] menu from the [Action] dropdown.


(2) When the [Delete API Key] modal dialog opens, click the [OK] button.