Asset inventory

Asset inventory allows a user to collect resources based on the registered user cloud service account, and view the collected resources.

Cloud provider: refers to a cloud provider offering cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.

Cloud service: refers to a cloud service that a cloud provider offers, as in the case of AWS EC2 Instance.

Cloud resource: refers to resources of cloud services, as in the case of servers of AWS EC2 Instance.

Quick Start

You may want to go over our Asset inventory service for a quick start below.

Cloud service

Collector allows you to integratively view diverse cloud resources and understand their usage status.


Collector allows you to check server resources among diverse resources of cloud services.


Cloudforet gathers Cloud resources through a Collector, and its schedule can be set up.

Service account

In the Service account page, you can easily integrate, manage, and track your accounts of each cloud service.