You can receive events that occurred in external monitoring services through Webhook.

Creating a webhook

To receive event messages from an external monitoring service, you need to create a webhook.
Webhooks can be created on the project detail page.

(1) Go to the [Alerts] tab of the project detail page and select the [Webhook] tab.


(2) Click the [Add] button.

(3) Write a name in an [Add webhook] modal dialog and select the plug-in of the external monitoring service to be connected.


(4) Click the [OK] button to complete set up.

Getting a list of webhooks

You can enter a search word in the search bar to see a list of webhooks that match your criteria. For a detailed description on advanced search, see here.


Editing and deleting webhook

You can enable, disable, change, or delete a webhook viewed from the list.


Enabling/disabling a webhook

If you enable a webhook, you can receive events from an external monitoring service connected to the webhook at Alerts.
On the contrary, if you disable a webhook, incoming events are ignored and no alerts are raised.

(1) Select the webhook to enable and choose the [Enable]/[Disable] menu from the [Action] dropdown.


(2) Check the content in the [Enable/disable a webhook] modal dialog and click the [OK] button.

enable-webhook-2 disable-webhook-2

Renaming a webhook

(1) Select the webhook to change from the webhook list, and select the [Change] menu from the [Action] dropdown.


(2) Write a name to be changed and click the [OK] button to complete the change.


Deleting a webhook

(1) Select the webhook to delete from the webhook list, and choose the [Delete] menu from the [Action] dropdown.


(2) After entering the accurate name of the selected webhook, click the [Delete] button to delete the webhook.