Content Guide

This page contains guidelines for SpaceONE documentation.

Create a new page

Go to the parent page of the page creation location. Then, click the 'Create child page' button at the bottom right.

You can also fork from the repository and work locally.

Choosing a title and filename

Create a filename that uses the words in your title separated by underscroe (_). For example, the topic with title Using Project Management has filename

Adding fields to the front matter

In your document, put fields in the front matter. The front matter is the YAML block that is between the triple-dashed lines at the top of the page. Here's an example:

title: "Project Management"
linkTitle: "Project Management"
weight: 10
date: 2021-06-10
description: >
    View overall status of each project and Navigate to detailed cloud resources.

Description of front matter variables

titleThe title for the content
linkTitleLeft-sidebar title
weightUsed for ordering your content in left-sidebar. Lower weight gets higher precedence. So content with lower weight will come first. If set, weights should be non-zero, as 0 is interpreted as an unset weight.
dateCreation date
descriptionPage description

If you want to see more details about front matter, click Front matter.

Write a document

Adding Table of Contents

When you add ## in the documentation, it makes a list of Table of Contents automatically.

Adding images

Create a directory for images named file_name_img in the same hierarchy as the document. For example, create project_management_img directory for Put images in the directory.

Style guide

Please refer to the style guide to write the document.

Opening a pull request

When you are ready to submit a pull request, commit your changes with new branch.